Snow Removal Equipment for Trucks

Customizing a truck for snow removal by the Tuck & Van experts at Mike Albert can include adding:

Snow Plows: Specialized snow plows can be installed on the front of the truck to effectively clear snow from roads and parking lots.

Salt spreaders: These devices can be mounted on the truck and used to spread salt or other deicing materials on the ground, helping to melt snow and ice.

Wet Kits: A wet kit consists of hydraulic hoses and fittings, reservoirs/tanks, filters, control valves, pumps, and PTOs. This helps make the operation of the snow removal gear possible.

When it comes to the winter season, nobody can better equip your fleet vehicles for snow removal. We offer products like salt spreaders, snow plows, and wet kits to ensure your team is prepared for whatever the seasons bring. Customizing a truck with these parts can improve efficiency, versatility, safety, durability, and productivity. We can locate and install your truck's snow plow or salt spreader today.

Are you located outside of Cincinnati and are interested in Mike Albert help upfit your snow removal vehicle? Please visit our Mike Albert Fleet site for further information.