Plumbing Truck & Van Organization

Your plumbing vehicles should be upfitted for any kind of call — house or otherwise. Our upfitting services team can help you discover the best ways to organize your plumbing truck or plumbing van. With our expertise in organization, storage, and design, you will have easy access to all your tools, machines, cords, and other inventory. No matter the size of your plumbing business, we can help create vehicles that work just right for you and can help your techs become more efficient.

What is a plumber’s truck? A plumber’s truck is a vehicle that fits the unique needs of plumbers. Plumber’s trucks are usually organized with bins and shelves that hold tools and hardware needed to complete repairs. Tank trays contain water and can be installed with a drain. Locked pipe storage provides an extra layer of security for copper inventory. Van partitions or bulkheads that are sealed or include a door.Truck caps and toppers to protect your inventory from weather and theft.